Interview With Marilyn Mansfield

by Cary

If somehow Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe could have a baby: Marilyn Mansfield!

How did you become interested in fetish/BDSM?

What first caught my interest was the fashion at a much younger age. I always knew people involved in the fetish lifestyle and became more interested in it, which led me to my first fetish club years ago. I have always been very fond of fetish photography which led me to do fetish modeling.

Do you enjoy fetishism/BDSM play in your personal life, and if so what are you into?

It plays a role in my life to a certain degree. I am not into anything extreme. In fact, I consider my personal fetishes rather conservative. I wont share them all, but I will tell you however that I enjoy wearing shackles. I always liked the sound of the rattling chains. I am also into restricting garments. I own a couple of steel-boned corsets that are much, much smaller than my natural waist. I have been wearing corsets for years and love wearing them. I find the whole act of having someone put it on me and having it pulled tighter and tighter very stimulating and exciting. Although I wear a corset often, I would like to do serious corsetry at some point in my life.

Are there any fetishes that you don't find appealing?

There are certain fetishes that do make me wonder and might not be my cup of tea. However, I consider myself to be a very open minded and non-judgmental person. If others are involved, I feel as long as the adult participants are willing participants and are comfortable with whatever they may be into, then I say to each their own.

What excites you about fetish modeling?

What always excites me about fetish modeling is the wardrobe and the preparation leading up to the shoot. Whether it be getting into a corset, being shackled or getting tied up, etc., I know it will lead to an artistic and creative photograph. It sometimes can be a lot of work, though. Props are fun as well.

Classic pinup has become a huge phenomena lately, what about it first captured your interest?

I become interested in everything having to do with classic pin-up at a very young age. I would say it started in the fourth grade when I dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween. I became fascinated with 1950s era and recall asking my grandparents all about it, especially the starlets of the past, their fashion, photography, etc. Later on, I extended my interest to the 1930s to the 1960s era. I always loved the classic style and beauty of pin-up modeling, photography and art. I found the women to be very sexy while keeping a sense of modesty and class. I always found it to be very tasteful and appealing.

What is it that excites you about pinup modeling?

So many things about pin-up modeling excite me. I adore it. I love the facial expressions and posing of the body. It has a very distinctive look to it. I own a collection of pin-up photography and art books that always have given me inspiration. The fashion is another exciting aspect. I love wearing vintage inspired clothing, lingerie, shoes and accessories. Hair and make-up done just so to complete the look. I always feel my prettiest when I model for a pin-up shoot. It feels very natural to me.

What are your favorite types of outfits to model in?

My favorite types of outfits to model in, if not provided by a designer or clothing company, would be corsets and vintage inspired lingerie, stockings and heels. Accessories are a must for me. Hats and gloves, flower in my hair, jewelry, whatever needed to make me feel my most glamorous. I am lucky that anytime I did a runway show or shoot for a designer I always liked what I wore and felt comfortable wearing it. I also like to model in pencil skirts, and maybe a tight sweater. Always heels since that is how I usually dress all the time!

What are your least favorites?

I am open to many different styles of fashion so I cant really say I have any least favorites. As long as it fits me well and shows off my curves, I dont have a problem. Anything I ever modeled in, whether it was from my own wardrobe or provided by a designer or clothing company, I have always felt comfortable and liked what I was wearing.

Do you think pinup and fetish are becoming part of the mainstream culture?

I do think pin-up and fetish are becoming part of main stream culture. I myself recently modeled for a main stream, high end clothing line photo-shoot after they chose me because of my classic pin-up look and style.

What kind of music do you like?

I have many different tastes in music. I mostly listen to Marilyn Manson and 80s/early 90s glam metal. Depending on my mood, I also enjoy industrial, goth, thrash, 80s new wave, some death metal, big band & swing, and classical. I love to dance, so I like anything I can dance to. I also often get dolled up for a shoot while listening to Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe singing.

What do you like to do for fun?

Fun for me is time with family and friends, modeling, playing with my demonic doll collection, attending horror conventions, looking through my pin-up books, watching old movies, and getting into my corset and going to a fetish party and dancing.

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