Interview With Jessica Nova

by Cary

I'm Jessica Nova. I'm a 22 year old rock star. I do hair, makeup, make clothes, guest appear at conventions,stage performer, do all manner of modeling, and am co owner of my own company. I'm a handful and a heart breaker and I'm always smiling.

How did you get interested in comic books?

My Uncle got me into comic books, he was like my superman, and when my parents got divorced he became like a second dad in many ways. He always was talking to me since I was little about Batman, Superman, The Flash, Xmen. I couldn't help but absorb and gain my own curiosity.

What was the progression that led to you dressing up as the characters?

I attended one convention in high school in street clothes, after that and seeing that I could dress up like all my favorite characters I jumped at the chance, now I have the opportunity to go to conventions dressed as my favorites. I also work on websites such as league of amazing women and get paid to be a super villain!

Who is your favorite character to dress as?

Harley Quinn, hands down, she's my all time favorite comic book character.

You also do some alternative modeling, how do the two genres compare?

It's all about having fun in my opinion. I'm a super big dork and a super big weirdo. I somehow see aspects of both falling hand in hand. Especially because I do my own clothing designs and run a clothing and costuming company, it helps me appeal to many different genres of people instead of just one.

Do you find that these types of modeling cross over with the Fetish/BDSM scene?

Yes absolutely, at least for myself as I do a lot of Fetish and BDSM work. Especially in fetish at at cons such as Fetishcon, it's like one big dress up party. Other sites, such as Cosplay Deviants, are all about dressing up as various anime and comic book characters, which is a fetish all it's own.

you enjoy fetishism/BDSM play in your personal life, and if so what are you into?

I'm a switch by nature but it takes a real strong person to get me to sub. I am of course into all manner of weird stuff, I like biting, I like costumes, I like dom/sub, dungeon play, voyeur. I have sexual a.d.d as bad as I have hair a.d.d so I am always experimenting and trying new things. For example I did a bondage suspension for a shoot the other day that I can't wait to try at home!

Do you think pinup and fetish are becoming part of the mainstream culture?

In a way I do, but not more so than tattoos. It seems that everyone has tattoos, but it still has that allure to it, and it's still not something that everyone can rock as well as others. Same with pin-up, not every girl can get girls in her hair and wear polka dots and make a good pinup, I myself am not the best pinup unless I alter my style and look (and get a wig haha), but I think it's a bit more accepted in some ways. I think weird is becoming mainstream so people are curious as to 'what the weirdos are into'.

What kind of music do you like?

I love all kinda of music, on my east coast tour I listened to everything from the Dresden Dolls to Queen to Britney Spears. I need music I can dance to, stuff I can sing to, and stuff that makes me smile. The genre is all relative anyhow.

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