Interview With Demari Vi Syth

by Cary

Demari Vi Syth brings a high fashion look and sensibility to the world of fetish modeling.

How did you become interested in fetish/BDSM?

It started pretty soon after I became sexually active, the subtle things like handcuffs, scarves, rough foreplay. I guess once you begin exploring the possibilities, your curiosity also progresses.

Do you enjoy fetishism/BDSM play in your personal life, and if so what are you into?

I'm not really into anything hardcore..well as of yet but that could possibly change. Just the little things that can send shudders down your spine, like biting in the sensitive spots, scratching, pining each other down, getting rope friendly etc. lol. I think everyone likes to cross the pleasure/pain barrier, to what extent depends on the individual.


Are there any fetishes that you don't find appealing?

Feet. Sorry but no lol. There's something about feet that I find unattractive so the thought of touching someone's feet or having mine touched just creeps me out lol.

Also, golden showers... can't imagine ever finding that pleasant.

What excites you about fetish modeling?

TI think it's the fact it gives you the opportunity to explore the boundaries of pleasure/ pain through an art medium which is in itself highly rewarding. The feeling you get from doing more provocative, erotic work is similar to that of an adrenaline rush on ride. It makes you feel alive. I think it allows people to show the world that pain and pleasure do intertwine and the result can be beautiful.

What are your favorite types of outfits to model in?

Well I like to vary my style frequently from shoot to shoot as I love variation. I don't like things being at a constant, after all time is continuous and progressive so why shouldn't we be? The best outfit I have had the pleasure to shoot in so far was a beautiful red latex boned corset with red latex gloves and stockings. It was gorgeous and so comfortable to move in. I was able to pose with ease and shoot for a long time without melting! The outfit was acssessoryly made by DeMask and Absolutely Danny - brilliant designers. The outfit belongs to an amazing photographer and dear friend Marco Vallentin. The heels I would say was the icing on the cake, 8" Transparent stripper shoes! I thought I was going to die at first but after the first 5 minutes it was easy enough to walk in... only in short distances mind.

I'm looking to get an ancient-looking belly dancer outfit made for concept I'd like to try, hopefully when I have more time I'll be able to create more of my own outfits. I usually tend to throw a few things together and add appropriate accessories. I have a baby royal python he often wraps himself around my wrists and neck so he could pass as an exotic assessory haha.

What are your least favorites?

I don't like the colour pink so if I can help it I'm going to avoid pink outfits lol.


Do you think pinup and fetish are becoming part of the mainstream culture?

I think many styles in some form or another are being incorporated into the mainstream demands. It appears as long as you are able to label what you do or your style it will be grouped, labeled and become the norm.

The way I like to think of this is that even though it may be drifting more into pop culture, it's darker and mysterious nature will always be present through those who live it and create it. So as long people give their own unique flair to their work, Fetish and Pin-Up will always be an art form :)

What kind of music do you like?

My taste varies widely due to my upbringing and association with many different types of people. I like listening to different styles depending on my mood. When I'm just chilling at home with friends I tend to listen to a lot of easy listening, grunge, dub, reggae and jazz. When I'm in creative mood or feeling a gig I'll listen to some heavy metal, death metal, grindcore etc. Then when I want to rave my ass off I listen to psy trance, dnb, dubstep, acid house and hip hop. Music is an important aspect of my life, it enhances everything that I do.


What do you like to do for fun?

I can often be found at clubs, outdoor raves and house parties... where-ever there's a good crowd really. While I'm at uni I tend to chill with my mates a lot after lecture and go back home to Essex to see my old close friends. My main passions are art, dance, graphics and of course modeling. Now I'm reaching a point where I can create through all of these mediums more efficiently and the developments should show through my new work.

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Photos by: Marco Vallentin, Eat Cake & Worship Satan Photography, Peter Whitfield


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